Every year and a half, the ASK is given the opportunity to volunteer at one of Calgary’s casinos. This isn’t something that we can take for granted- organizations need to apply, and they must wait -for years sometimes- to be approved.

So, we’re really lucky to have been given a spot!  It’s like the story about the goose that laid golden eggs- it’s a tremendous source of funds for our organization, for a small amount of individual effort.  But- we need 40 spots filled over two days, or we risk missing out on these, and future dates.

Our next casino dates are January 13th and 14th, 2016 at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino.  I know, it’s still two months away, but this is so important that we need to make sure the dates are saved well in advance!

We’re asking that every family helps out with at least one shift.  Volunteers need to be at least 18 years of age and, depending on the position taken, must sign a security clearance form.  There are daytime (11 am – 7 pm), evening (7 pm – 3 am) and late night (midnight – 4 am) shifts available, so those who have regular day jobs (as I do) can still help out.  If you can’t volunteer on one of these dates, please find someone who can – maybe there’s a parent/sibling/friend/co-worker who owes you a favour!  Or come in together!  It’s a cheap date night, you get dinner paid for (and there’s a pretty good sushi bar at the Deerfoot!).

Volunteering at a casino is easy and enjoyable!  There are a few different positions from which you can pick- some require handling/counting cash, some don’t.  Either way, there’s no stress- honestly the worst part is having to stay up late (if you’re not a night owl).  You’ll spend most of the time visiting and getting to know the other volunteers.  I learned how to play cribbage while volunteering!

Please help out – we depend on your generosity.  Have a look at your calendar to see which day works for you, then click here to sign up.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at keithuyeno@gmail.com or 403-861-9162.

On behalf of the ASK, thank you very much!

Keith Uyeno, Casino Coordinator

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