The Association of Shotokan Karate holds belt gradings on a roughly quarterly basis.

Click on the link below for the grading syllabus used by the Association of Shotokan Karate for all Kyu gradings (white belt to brown belt):

ASK Grading Syllabus

Dan (black belt) gradings will follow the syllabus below:

Master Grading Syllabus & Karate Terminology

  • Grading fees are $25 in cash or cheque made out to A S Karate Council Alberta.
  • This grading is open to students attempting a Kyu (colour) belt grading.
  • The afternoon will begin with a brief warmup, then the grading will begin in order of ascending rank.
  • Don’t forget to bring your ASK grading record book (if you have one), all kumite gear (gloves, leg/foot/chest protectors, athletic support, mouthguard) for advanced students!
  • Pack some water and a small snack to keep your energy up!