5, 6, and 7 December 2014 – Saeki Sensei visits Airdrie

Please contact Daniel Verzotti at:  dverzotti@shaw.ca  or 403-239-9467  for more information.

Saeki Sensei
Saeki Sensei holds a 7th degree black belt and is the highest ranking JKA instructor in Canada.  He is the only one granted special rights to conduct up to sandan (3rd degree black belt) examinations in Canada. Listed in the official JKA handbook, he is also a qualified A-class instructor, A-class examiner and judge. Saeki Sensei currently serves as member of the Master Committee and member of the International Board of Director.
Born in Japan, Saeki Sensei started his karate training at age 14 in his home town. Armed with an eagerness to learn and fierce determination, Saeki Sensei enrolled as a student in the JKA head dojo in  Tokyo, Japan. It was there he met his mentor, Tanaka Sensei, a former world champion fighter and one of the handful people who have earned the distinction of 8th degree black belt.
Saeki Sensei’s enthusiasm for Karate and notable technical expertise attract people from around the world to train with him.  Committed as ever to mastering his martial art and imparting his knowledge and love for Karate to others, he travels to Japan twice a year to train at the Honbu Dojo in Tokyo.”

See this link for the seminar package containing registration info and schedule:  Saeki Sensei training 2014

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